The 4 Best Upland Hunting Pants

You may have heard this debate before: Chaps or upland hunting pants? When you’re out in the brush of the wilderness stalking birds or maybe even on a well managed game farm, you’re going to want something that works. Walking around in the same pants you are wearing to a company business meeting won’t really but it out in the field and the best upland hunting pants are definitely a great investment if you are serious about this sport. The best upland pants for hunting do not necessarily have to be overly expensive if you know what to look for. The 4 listed below come with an amazing price/ performance ratio and our quick reviews let you know what to expect from them.

The gear you choose can -a lot of times- make or break your trip. Whether you’re dealing with issues of comfort or issues of functionality, you need something that works for you in all cases. When you are out in the wild and not on some fancy golf course you want to be sure you can rely on your gear. Upland pants are you’re way to stay dry and safe while out trekking through the wilderness and hunting on a chilly morning or afternoon. You’ll want to research on fits, on styles, on brands. Sometimes even the stitching can be the difference between an excellent pair of upland hunting pants and one that completely fails you.

Although there are tons of different options out there, how many you should take into consideration depends a lot on your preferences. How you wear your pants, your size, what kind of fabrics you like best and so on. Unlike a cheap pair of socks, there is no one size fits all when it comes to gear like that and your upland pants are not only no exception, but definitely something you want to buy perfectly right the first time. This isn’t just about looking good (though they can certainly add in that factor) but about making sure you’re having the best, most comfortable, and most successful hunting experience.


Which Materials Are Suitable

The material used in making any piece of gear you use for hunting or fishing, or any outdoors venture is one of the most critical parts of the research process, and one of the first things we looked for when we created this ranking. The material needs to be durable. It needs to stand up to wind, rain, snow, dirt, and harsh terrain. It needs to resist tearing and needs to keep you warm and dry in the winter and cool in the summer. To avoid extensive sweating, materials that are breathable to some degree are certainly preferred.

It should also be free of any possible allergens or irritants that could cause you irritation or even harm, which is often the case with clothing bought too cheap. Since you don’t want to check each of the chemicals that go into each product for anything known to cause irritation allergic reactions we won’t recommend just going for the cheapest hunting pants on the market. Lastly, the material needs to be comfortable. It may seem like a minor part, but comfort can not only define your experience while you’re out in the wilderness, but can also define your performance. Get something that’s going to help you, not hurt you.

Taking all this into consideration, a great choice in material is a durable synthetic fabric like nylon for the outer shell combined with a comfortable fleece lining or cotton on the inside.


What They Should Offer

When it comes to upland pants, the biggest needs as they function as something that will protect you against the elements and give you an edge on any game you’re looking for. This can come in a variety of different ways. Patterns can be important for camouflage purposes, depending on what you’re hunting and where. A rustic, earthy color is always a good bet if you’re not sure where exactly the upland pants will be used. For many hunters pants also need to be waterproof, or at least very water resistant. You might often find yourself trudging through marshes while bird hunting or will find yourself in rain, snow, or heavy fog for any hunting occasion. You’ll want to make sure the pants can withstand at least some of that to a degree, so you’re not too uncomfortable during your trek. And, of course, they need to function in general against branches, thorns and thick brushes which you will probably face quite often during a day of hunting.


Don’t overspend

While you shouldn’t sacrifice your needs or the perfect pair of upland pants for price, you also don’t need to spend outrageous amounts for something that can do the same job at a much better price. So once you know what you want and exactly what you need, don’t be afraid to see what the market has to offer. Although the selection provided are the best upland hunting pants we were able to find, we would never ask you to stop comparing!


The 4 Best Upland Hunting Pants

After taking everything into consideration and with countless of hours spent in the field we came up with the list below. We tried to find products that perform especially well in terms of price/ performance ratio, since finding good upland hunting pants for several hundred dollars isn’t really a challenge. Picking one of the options below will get you a great pair for an even better price.


Wrangler Men's ProGear Upland Jean review

Wrangler Men’s ProGear Upland Jean

  • High quality, imported cotton material
  • Snug and tight button closure at waist
  • 100% machine washable
  • Signature straight leg design and embroidery

The unique designed embroidery on the front makes these upland hunting pants very rough and tumble. Designed and tested in the woods, in the dense bush, and in brier patches, not only do they keep your legs safe, but they do it repeatedly and they look pretty good while doing it. The upland bush panels on the front are constructed with 1000D Cordura fabric (the same fabric found in military gear and various active wear) so it’s designed to withstand all kinds of challenges you could face out in the field. The popular YKK zippers are known to outlast almost everything they get attached to and the big pockets provided offer way more room than you would find in regular jeans.

Wrangler Men's ProGear Upland Jean reviewThe long cut seams also helps to bring in a level of comfort and they fit perfectly over every pair of hunting boots we tested them with. Since the majority of the fabric, beyond the Cordura paneling, is made out of Wrangler’s signature denim jean, it wears like any regular pair of pants, complete with comfort. This is a two-for-one if you want comfortable movement and assured protection from the wilderness while you’re out hunting, hiking, or working.


  • Order one size bigger since they tend to run a little tight in the waist area.
  • Tight belt loops allow no belts wider than 1.5 inches

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Browning Upland Pheasants Forever Pants review

Browning Upland Pheasants Forever Pants

  • Quality, US-based materials
  • Proven high durability fabric
  • Designed for a number of outdoor activities and weather types

These are pants that may not have the day-to-day comfort of the Wrangler jean, but certainly come with an excellent broken in fit. With their design for any and all types of outdoor activity, they can fit nearly any need. The fabric is heavy enough to withstand the onslaught of thorns but not so heavy you feel yourself weighed down with the work of walking in them. They also seek to balance out the feel of durability and comfort to hit that sweet spot of a comfortable wear and a trustworthy function. These are the one-size-fits all pants (metaphorically of course).

They come with deep front pockets, flap rear pockets and a tool pocket where you could fit in a bigger knife or similar. The fabric itself is a little more water resistant than cotton but if you want the best protection against the wet we recommend using a waterproofing spray from time to time. This will seal the pores preventing water from getting in and making them generally more stain resistant.


  • Another pair that tends to run slightly too small. One size up does the trick!

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under armour mens prey brush pant review

Under Armor Men’s Prey Bush Pants

  • 100% cotton material for comfort
  • Utilizes UA Stormgear for water resistance
  • Wind resistant paneling
  • Stain resistant to dirt, mud, and most of the stuff you face out there
  • Nylon overlay for an extra layer of durability

Under Armor prides itself on its Stormgear wear. It’s designed to keep you dry and warm in rain or snow with added in wind resistant paneling to resist any of the elements you might encounter during a challenging hunt. They also pride themselves on very light and slim material that does an excellent job blocking out unwanted assailants. This allows them to offer the protection you need from the elements, without the weight or discomfort of a heavy fabric. They’re designed for movement, not just shielding but at the same time they are actually comfortable enough to wear them at home.

Now the caveat for these upland pants is they’re a little more pricey than other options but Under Armor has a reputation of making quality material and the Stormgear fabric certainly lives up to its water resistant and wind repellent claims. Although they are more designed to keep out the cold and wet than say a thicket of briars, they perform well in most environments you will encounter during a pheasant hunt.

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GameHide Briar Proof Pants review

GameHide Briar Proof Upland Hunting Pants

  • 30 years experience in hunting gear
  • Designed for excellent performance in extreme conditions
  • Reinforced seat and crotch stitching
  • Expandable inseam for excellent fit for any user
  • 300D Nylon outer layer for extra protection from elements

Last but not least, another pair of upland hunting boots with an amazing price/ performance ratio. The stitching and seams are designed to be as comfortable as possible and work well with heavy amounts of movement. The reinforced seat area helps tackle the issue of excessive movement and gives you the ability to sit, wherever you need to to take a rest, without worrying too much about your clothing. A combination of 300D and 1000D nylon for the areas that face tougher challenges provides certainly enough protection against anything you could face in a hunting environment. The nylon is incredibly durable up to that point, that we tried to cut it with a box cutter and failed! In addition to that GameHide used a waterproof coating to keep out not only thorns brushes but also rain and snow.

GameHide Briar Proof Pants reviewThe cuffs and legs on this upland hunting pants are designed to be long enough to cover your boots, providing added protection for the lower leg area while trekking through the wilderness, so briars won’t be an issue. While they will keep you warm and dry, the big draw here is how they resist to tearing from briar snags and don’t collect clumps up them on a walk through the woods. They can take on any physical challenge the outdoors has to throw at them and all for a fairly good price compared to big brands.


  • They run a little longer in terms of inseam, nothing to worry about though.

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All of the upland pants above would work well for any number of uses. Remember that no two outdoorsmen are alike and what will work best for you in terms of upland hunting pants may vary. No matter if you’re looking for a pair that is especially comfortable or pants that are willing to sacrifice some comfort for a good, protective performance, you’ve got the best options to choose from above. Considering the price all of the are pretty much a bargain and you can’t really go wrong with any of those models. Chose one the one that sounds like it fits your needs and get out there and have fun hunting!


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