The 6 Best Youth Hunting Clothes

At some point almost every hunter with kids wants to introduce them to this incredible sport. It is beneficial that you children learn from early on, where there food comes from. In order to create great memories for your little ones we highly suggest that you get the best youth hunting clothes. This doesn’t have to be most expensive ones you can find, rather you should look out for the best price/performance ratio. We created this small guide with the intend to provide great choices with quick reviews, so you know what to buy.

During the hunting season, it is incredibly important that youngsters are properly protected against the cold weather, rain and outdoors. While many young hunters tend to call it quits early due to the cold, those who wear the best youth hunting clothes are able to stay out longer throughout the day while also remaining extremely comfortable and not being weighed down by multiple unnecessary layers of clothing. Many of the best youth clothing products have polyester lining inside to ensure the highest possible level of warmth, and the camouflage designs help to conceal hunters during the day and night when out in the woods. Essentially, quality clothing is a must if you want to spend quality time with your kids while hunting.

Fitting And Sizing For Kids Hunting Clothes

When determining what article of clothing to buy for your child for the next hunting season, it is always beneficial to do as much research as possible. While many companies may produce great products for adults, others may produce better products for young ones. Additionally, it is always good to make sure you know the exact fit that comes with each clothing item. Even though this doesn’t seem like too much of an issue, many youth clothing items run rather small and can be too snug on your child, especially considering additional layers of clothing may be needed underneath. However, if you plan on buying the clothing at least one size larger than you normally would for your child, it will work best. This is of course because the child will continue to grow and the clothing will shrink after being washed. Therefore, it will eventually fit them well and in the long run will save you quite some money.

Materials And The 3-Layers System


Materials used for the best kids hunting clothes do not differ much from hunting clothing you would wear. The materials should be insinuating but at the same time breathable. Fabrics like merino wool are excellent for base layers while synthetics will do the trick for a mid or outer layer and in combination you can design yourself a perfectly working layered system. Popular for all kind of outdoor sports, the 3-layers system works perfectly for hunting. It provides quite a few benefits, compared to one bigger layer and especially for kids, it can make the difference between a great day of hunting or having to stop after one hour because you little partner feels uncomfortable. The 3-layer system gives you the chance to adapt the outfit of your child, even in the middle of the hunt and change it accordingly to situation and temperature. This prevents overheating and extensive sweating as well as the following cool down that often happens once the clothing is soaked with sweat.

For more information about materials and the 3-Layers System, check our or buyers guide for hunting clothes.

The Best Hunting Clothing – Buyers Guide


The Best Youth Hunting Clothes On The Market

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t just get the next best product you find in your local store if you plan on getting your kids outside for a hunt. The best kids hunting clothes will make sure that you youngster has as much fun as you do and that is a win for both of you. You will avoid a kid that complains about being too cold all the time and you both will create positive memories that last a whole life time. The list below provides top choices and quick reviews for top rated hunting clothes for kids with the best price performance ratio you will find on the market.

cabelas youth insulated hooded jacketCabela’ Youth Insulated Hooded Jacket

Cabela’s Youth Insulated Hooded Jacket is made out of a 60/40 cotton/polyester shell and is extremely lightweight. Additionally, the nylon lining is comfortable and the hood is fully adjustable. This jacket will make sure young hunters are comfortable and warm, while still maintaining all of their flexibility. The pockets include hand warmers with snap closures and the material does not rip easily, which actually often turns out to be a problem with other jackets. Considering the fact, that many young hunters treat their clothing fairly rough, this comes as a large benefit.

While this jacket is technically meant for hunting, it can also be worn in fall weather since it is not too large and bulky. Many young kids wear the jacket out on a daily basis in addition to using it while hunting due to the lightweight, flexible and comfortable material that it’s made from. The used polyester is 100% plush in order to seal out the cold wind at all times. This makes a huge difference during the day, especially when out for long periods of time. The fit of this jacket is very accurate, not too tight and seems to not shrink at all after being washed.

In combination with a merino base layer and a suitable mid layer, this jacket will serve your kid as long as it fits and for only $25 you do not have to be too sad, once your kid grows out of it.

cabelas youth hunter soft shell pantsCabela’s Youth Hunter Soft-Shell Pants

The Cabela’s Youth Hunter Soft-Shell Pants go very well with the Youth Insulated Hooded Jacket and are equally comfortable. They are wind resistant, water resistant, and made from 170-grams of PrimaLoft insulation material. While many others will need to head back inside mid-day due to the cold-weather, the Cabela’s Youth Hunter Soft-Shell Pants will keep your kid warm and dry.

The added levels of wind and water protection are enabled due to the 4Most Windshear protection that is included in the pants. It consists of 100% polyester brushed-tricot shell and pile-fleece lining. The center-back of the pants’ waistband allows for an easy fit and they come with zip-secure cargo pockets.

The only downside to these pants is that they tear a little easier than you would expect. Considering the fact that Cabela’s is a great brand and highly reputable company, this comes as somewhat of a surprise, but under normal conditions they will still hold up to most of the challenges they could face. Since these are pants that will most likely be used outdoors on a regular basis, they are of course way more durable than a pair of everyday trousers.

under armour youth ridge reaper insulated jacketUnder Armour Youth Ridge Reaper Insulated Jacket

Made with water resistant and wind resistant storm2 technology and with great overall quality, the Under Armour Youth Ridge Reaper Jacket definitely earns a place on the list of best kids hunting clothes. Although this item beats almost every other hunting jacket for kids, it comes with a pricetag that some might find too high.

This jacket includes thumb holes for extra protection from the cold, secure pockets in order to keep small items savely stored, and 170-gram PrimaLoft insulation in order to trap body heat. The scent blocker technology which was used by Under Armour when making this jacket is very beneficial for deer hunting and other hunts where you go after animals that rely on smelling. In addition to these added benefits, the Under Armour Youth Ridge Reaper Insulated Jacket also keeps moisture away from the body by using Microwick Technology.

Though the Under Armour Youth Ridge Reaper is a great article of clothing, it does come a bit baggy and should be ordered around one size smaller than what you would normally get for your child, if you want perfect fit. The other option would be to go for the normal size and just let your little partner grow into it. This would safe you money and will happen faster than you might expect.

Goes well with:

Also made by Under Armour are the Youth Storm Field Pants. They are fully scent controlled as well, to make sure any sweat or smell that occurs throughout the day is as hard as possible to detect for animals. The Youth Storm Field Pants fuller cut allows for complete comfort and does not the limit the flexibility of your little hunter at all. The used UA Storm technology repels water without compromising flexibility or breathability levels which reduces sweating. In combination with an additional layer below, there are hardly any temperatures that you have to be afraid of. The pants also include an elastic waistband, ripstop fabric and very warm hand pockets for those kids who refuse to wear gloves. These pants fit easily due to the elastic waistband and there is a good chance you will see your kids wearing them even when you are not hunting. They just look great! Even after a few seasons of hunting the colors won’t fade out and the only reason you will have to buy a new pair will be your kid growing out of them.

game winner boys grand pass cvc duck coverallGame Winner Boys’ Grand Pass CVC Duck Coverall

Another piece of clothing you can rely on even in cold temperatures is the Game Winner Coverall designed for duck hunting. This coverall comes with two separate waist pockets, a two way center front zipper and leg zippers for ventilation and easy removal. The two waist pockets also feature an inner accessory pocket that closes up well to make sure nothing that is brought out hunting falls out. The CVC Duck Coverall insulates fairly well, even with nothing under it due to the 60% cotton and 40% polyester that it’s made from. That being said, if you buy your kids regular size, you still have some room for extra base layers in case the weather gets crazy cold. While it keeps your kid warm in the cold outdoors, they also hardly cause overheating as a result of their breathable fabrics.

Since it’s pretty stain resistant you won’t have to wash it that often (only if scent control is an issue for your style of hunting) but if you do, it is important to know that the Game Winner Coverall should only be machine washed cold on the gentle cycle without bleach. Additionally, they should not be ironed or dry cleaned since the polyester lining and outside print will be damaged.


Another pair of coveralls worth mentioning are the Youth Camo’s. These insulated medium coveralls provide optimal concealment for young hunters in the woods and are designed with a neat Sherbrooke High Definition camouflage pattern. The insulation is made with 45% shell polyester and 55% cotton, making it extremely comfortable and the adjustable snap ankles, leg zippers and entire zipper front closure allow for easy put on and take off. The leg zippers actually run all the way from the ankles to the waist which can be pretty handy.

Rocky Boys Pro Hunter Full Zip Insulated ParkaRocky Boys Pro Hunter Full Zip Insulated Parka

Made with 100% polyester and therefore great insulation, the Rocky Boys Insulated Parka is great for keeping your youngster warm in the cold. Much like the Game Winner Boys’ Coveralls, this insulated Parka cannot be washed with bleach or the outside print and lining could potentially be damaged.

This jacket is made for young hunters looking to stay outdoors throughout the day and is fully waterproof as well. Even though the polyester material insulates fairly well, we would recommend to combine this parka with an additional base layer out of merino wool or a suitable synthetic materials such as fleece. Since this makes it a little more “snuggy” we also suggest that you keep that in mind when ordering and a size larger than usual might be a good choice. Since your kid will grow anyway, you do not really have to be afraid of buying slightly too large when looking for hunting clothes for kids. The parka also shrinks somewhat when washed and overtime should become the right fit in every case.


The wrists on the parka also tend to run a little small and fit a little tight. You might struggle to fit gloves underneath if you order a too small size.

scentblocker youth knockout hunting jacketThe Youth ScentBlocker Knockout Jacket

While a sweating child usually does not smell that bad for us compared to an adult, deer and similar game animals have a way better senses than we do. The scent blocking technology used in the Youth Knockout Jacket will keep this well hidden since the scent control technique used here works remarkably well. While the Trinity Scent Control Technology used in the jacket helps to absorb the odor, the BodyLock Technology is used to prevent it from escaping.

In addition to keeping all smells hidden from game, the Youth ScentBlocker Knockout Jacket is extremely lightweight, soft, comfortable and quiet when brushing against trees or during general movements. If you little hunting partner has a hard time to remain still during longer waiting periods, this can definitely be a handy feature. The full-zip front, raglan sleeves and elastic cuffs ensure that no young hunter will be stiff and immobile when out in the cold. The Knockout Jacket also comes with a four direction stretch technology that prevents it from limiting your youngsters flexibility,

Conclusion On Hunting Clothes For Kids

For many parents that hunt, it is something special to take your kids with you on a hunt. Start them early and teach them where the food comes from they eat at home. Both of you will have a better time out there when the clothes you buy for your child are comfortable. As opposed to sending your child out and putting them at risk for a cold, get them good hunting clothes for kids like the items listed above and make sure, they have as much fun as you have.


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