BunkerHead: A next-level face mask?

After taking the BunkerHead System N0-Touch Mesh Facemask into the turkey woods with my nephew for the Young Sportsman hunt, I feel the need to give a quick review.

BunkerHead hunting face mask rightI love how the facemask sits off of your face which is the big selling point by BunkerHead. There are few things more repulsing to me than having a net right up against my mouth, and within an hour it’s soaked with perspiration and sticks to my face. BunkerHead delivers on their promise, and the net sits well away from my bearded face and cuts down on the annoyance factor of most face nets I have used. The best part is the range of distance and height you can play around with to fit your criteria. Turkey hunters can be an odd bunch and are very needy with their gear. BunkerHead seems to understand.

BunkerHead hunting face mask clipsIt takes a couple of minutes to get it the fit just right, but once adjusted you don’t have to worry about it again through the rest of the hunt. And don’t take what I said as meaning it’s always difficult to adjust. After a few minutes of handling it, you can easily adjust its position with minimal effort. After that first setup doesn’t go as planned, being able to move the mask down off my face is a huge plus without having to completely remove the mask as a look for talkative birds.

With most traditional face masks I always feel that my peripheral vision is reduced and there is always a fear that as I turn my head that wary Tom is going to be standing right there smirking at me before it hauls out of there. With the BunkerHead facemask, I never had that feeling as it gives you an unobstructed field of view.

The bottom of the net is loose which I like, especially when turking hunting where I am using mouth calls pretty often, I can get my hand up there without any issue. The opening between the facemask and hoodie, which I will get to in a moment also gives me easy access.

BunkerHead hunting face mask rightI am a paranoid turkey hunter, as most are, so I use the hoodie portion of the product while hunting. Again, the facemask with hoodie takes some time to line up and get the fit right, but it gives you total concealment, keeps the sun off your neck, and keeps mosquitoes off my neck.

While there are some slight issues with getting it set up correctly right out of the package, I enjoyed this facemask’s performance in the field. I would definitely recommend this product to my hunting buddies and plan to keep the BunkerHead System No-Touch Facemask at the top of the rotation of my turkey hunting gear.

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