Caddis Men’s Affordable Breathable Stockingfoot Wader Review

Caddis Men’s Affordable Breathable Stockingfoot Waders are their entry level product and in the lower price range. They are made for people that want cheap Waders, without passing on breathable material. In this review, I will check if you should buy them.

caddis breathable normal waders


  • Breathable stockingfoot chest Waders
  • Layered Nylon with combined with an outer shell of polyester
  • Seams are taped, stitched and glued
  • Foot taped inside and out


Construction Of Caddis Affordable Breathable Stockingfoot Waders

Fishing is an awesome hobby, I think we all can agree on that. A lot of people are driving out on weekends to lakes and rivers just to enjoy the sport and the atmosphere it brings with it. If fishing is just a fun hobby for you and not a job e.g. as a guide, I see why people do not see the need to spend hundreds of dollars on their equipment. If you think in a similar way these breathable waders might be a good choice.

When you stand in a river for hours, one thing you certainly do not want to worry about are leaks that slowly soak your pants up with cold water letting you freeze and drastically reduce the time you enjoy fishing. Therefore the most important part for me, when I choose waders are material and seams. The Caddis are made out of the polyester material using a three layer system, to achieve the breathable feature. Nothing special this standard in the industry and has proven to be an effective system over time. The seams are properly made, stitched, glued and taped hence should be durable enough to withstand the challenges of weekend fishing adventures. If you plan on using them for more, you should rather check out my review on the deluxe version of this pair.

It is fairly natural that newly bought waders should not leak, but trust me on that one, it definitely happens. Therefore I drove out to one of my favourite streams and fished trout for a few hours to test it. Standing in the water for at least three hours (it was a bad day in terms of fish by the way…), and not a single drop of water came through. I did not freeze at all, I wore shorts underneath them, and they felt comfortable the whole time. No sweating either, they actually “breath” as intended and besides not catching anything they provided for enjoyable hours standing in the water.


Fitting And Sizing

The problem with  relatively cheap waders is often that the cut is not as you would want it to be. They can look baggy making you appear slightly inelegant even during a highly elastic sport as fly fishing is. Caddis did a good job here, although fitting of clothes highly depends on how someone is build, I said before I am average built with an average size and fitting was honestly perfect. The crotch was exactly where it is supposed to be and I had enough room in the legs to fit a pair of pants beneath and probably even two layers in the winter. As a consequence squatting, kneeling and sitting down were not hindered at all. In summary, I would label them a decent looking pair of waders, especially if you consider the price.


UPDATE: I used the Cadis around ten times, each time for several hours in the water, and they are still working well.



A common problem with this type of waders are slightly oversized neoprene booties. While you can just wear a pair of extra socks to make them fit tightly, they might be too big to fit your wader boots, if you already own some. I could see the same thing happen to people with here, the booties are slightly oversized. You should adapt the size if you plan on buying new Wader boots. Luckily I have a pair  of wading boots slightly too big which fit perfectly while wearing the Cadis.

caddis breathable normal waders

When you use stocking foot waders you really should spend the few extra bucks to get gravel guards. Otherwise the longer you spend in the water the higher will be the amount of debris entering your boots. The good news are, that gravel guards are already included and attached saving you another ten dollars you can spend on some flies.

You also do not have to buy a wading belt, which is mandatory as soon as you enter the water since it is already included as well. What i miss here  though are loops for said belt, not necessary but would be plus for sure. The front pocket typical for chest waders comes with extra hand warmer pockets and provides space for small pieces of gear.

An extra bonus is a repair kit which comes with this pair. You probably will not need it, but you never know.


  • Awesome fitting
  • Gravel guards, wading belt, and repair kit included
  • Good quality for an even better price


  • Slightly oversized neoprene boots
  • Lack of belt loops


Final Review For The Caddis Affordable Breathable Stockingfoot Waders

Comparing the Pros and Cons with an additional look at the price you pay here, there is really nothing to complain about. If you are looking for a pair of breathable waders under 100$, buy the buy the Caddis stockingfoot, you can not go wrong here!


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