The 4 Best Goose Calls Of 2018

One of the tools that you will need for your first or next goose hunt is a good goose call. Granted, it’s more than possible to have a successful goose hunt without using a call; hunters do it all the time. That being said, there’s also no denying that using a goose call will help … Read more

Buying Guide For Extreme Cold Weather Gear

Nothing can end a hunt or fishing trip quicker than poor weather and unprepared outdoorsmen. Not only can it result in some pretty miserable experiences, in some situations not having the proper gear and be dangerous. So understandably, picking the proper clothing for cold weather hunts is of vital importance. Not only do we have … Read more

How to choose the best Choke for Duck Hunting

When gearing up to go after waterfowl, a great deal of focus is put on the gun.  Many people feel that the right gun will make your duck season, and that the wrong gun will break it.  However, outside of your own ability the largest factor in the success of your shot is the choke. … Read more

The 4 Best Turkey Hunting Vests

Turkey hunting vests are a great addition to any turkey hunter’s gear. They can provide storage for the many things modern hunters use in the woods. Most of the time it is a trek into the woods to find your spot to hunt, and having the vest that can carry all your needs is a … Read more

The 5 Best Base Layers For Hunting

Hunting in inclement weather has always been part of my own hunting experience. Living in northern Minnesota can be one of the coldest places on earth. Last year we were actually colder here than at the north pole, and just the other day it was -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, I usually do not do much … Read more

4 Reasons For A Duck Call Lanyard

A duck call lanyard is a piece of gear, often forgotten by many beginners in this sport. Duck hunting is as old as the act of hunting itself. There are cave paintings from 12,000 years ago with the act of waterfowl hunting, and waterfowl itself painted on the walls. Could you imagine trying to shoot … Read more

The 4 Best Duck Calls For Beginners

Starting out in this sport, there is not much showing quicker success than using the best duck calls for beginners. Duck hunting is rooted deep in tradition. Techniques and secrets handed down over time, from grandfathers, to fathers, and to sons and daughters. Much of the knowledge about this sport, and any hunting for that matter, is … Read more

How To Choose Your Waders – Ultimate Guide

Do you know what really matters when it comes to waders for fishing or hunting? Today you can choose out of a wide variety of products in all different price segments, making it hard to find the perfect pair of waders fitting your needs. After reading this comprehensive buying guide, you might know more about … Read more

Why you shouldn’t use a Tactical Dog Vest for Hunting

A good hunting dog is irreplaceable in the field and will take on the majority of the workload without hesitation. It is important to utilize the correct gear to make your hunting partners job easier. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of a dog hunting vest.   There are … Read more

The 4 Best Turkey Mouth Calls

The best turkey mouth calls, also known as diaphragms calls, are one of the most popular ways to call turkeys in this day and age. The reason for such popularity is easy to see when they are mastered. They are small, light, cheap, and a hunter can carry as many as he wants to, more … Read more