The 4 Best Turkey Box Calls

While there is a lot of turkey hunting gear, that isn’t crucial for success, the best turkey box call definitely doesn’t fall into that category. Like any call, turkey box calls come in a variety of styles. Some are time tested, and others are new to the market. Either way they need to perform to … Read more

The 4 Best Wood Duck Calls

How important is the best wood duck call for the success of a waterfowler? Duck Hunting is a time honored tradition in many parts of the world. It is passed down from generation to generation, each new hunter learning from their elders, and picking up new tricks of their own with time and practice. The … Read more

The 5 Best Hunting Face Masks For 2018

In the last fifteen years the market has been flooded with many, many different hunting masks. The best hunting face mask should be one that regulates temperature, keeps you well-hidden, maintains good vision, and is comfortable enough to wear eight to ten hours a day. For wary waterfowl, a hunting mask can be the finishing … Read more

The 4 Best Duck Decoys For 2018

How much do the best duck decoys add to your chances of bringing dinner home? Duck Hunting is a form of hunting steeped in tradition. It is something that gets passed down from elders to children, along with the secrets and tactics each hunter has found to be of particular success. Some of these are … Read more

The 4 Best Goose Decoys

Even wondered how the best goose decoys can improve your hunting game? Goose hunting requires determination, skill, discipline, and maybe most of all, a ton of gear. Any type of waterfowl hunting has this added requirement of investing in the hunt. Blinds, boats, calls, clothing, and that is just the basics. Every hunter is different, … Read more

The 4 Best Under Wader Pants

If you hunt or fish in a place that has cooler weather like me, even if it’s only part of the year, having a good pair of waders can mean the difference between whether you make it till you catch that wall-hanger, or go home empty handed. Another aspect of using waders is having pants … Read more

BunkerHead: A next-level face mask?

After taking the BunkerHead System N0-Touch Mesh Facemask into the turkey woods with my nephew for the Young Sportsman hunt, I feel the need to give a quick review. I love how the facemask sits off of your face which is the big selling point by BunkerHead. There are few things more repulsing to me … Read more

The 4 Best Duck Hunting Kayaks

Duck hunting can be an expensive hobby. Guns, ammo, boat, blind, camouflage gear, decoys, and calls are just a basic list of what a hunter needs in the field. One way I have found to cut back on some of these costs is by using a kayak in place of the traditional duck boat, or … Read more

The 4 Best Turkey Calls For Beginners

Turkey hunting is a sport that has been on the rise. Even around my stomping grounds, where wild turkeys are seen frequently on highways and back roads, turkey hunting is almost as popular as whitetail hunting. One of the most important things in a turkey hunter’s arsenal is the best turkey call for the right … Read more