Redington Palix Review: Wading shoes under $100

The Redington Palix wading boots cost around 80$ and are therefore in the mid-price segment. They come with rubber or felt soles and  are honestly really good looking. Since this should not be your number one criterion when buying this kind of gear, let’s see what else they offer.   Specs: Polyester mesh Rubber toe … Read more

Fishing Gloves – Which Product Should You Buy – Buyers Guide

[toc] Why you should start wearing fishing Gloves right away When you think about standard fly fishing gear, fishing gloves is probably not something you would come up with immediately. Certainly, there are things much more important for you on average fishing adventures, a nice pair of waders or good quality wading boots for example. … Read more

Korkers Greenback Review: Interchangeable Soles


With a price around 125$ the Korkers Greenback are a pair of mid to high-end wading boots. Besides some other cool features they come with an interchangeable sole, letting you switch easily between different fabrics according to the the conditions. In this review I will tell you what you get for your money.

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