Redington Crosswater Waders Review: Entry Level Chest Waders

The Redington Crosswater Waders are the entry level product of Redington. You could call them the little brother of the Sonic Pros, but since they are around 200$ cheaper, there is no point in comparing these two. For the amount of features they offer, I would consider them to be fairly low-priced. Redington is one of my favourite brands, in this review I will find out if this pair of waders lives up to the companies reputition.

Redington Crosswater Waders


  • Price around 100$
  • Entry level Breathable chest waders
  • 3-layered polyester coated with DWR



Construction Of The Redington Crosswater Waders

The Redington Crosswater waders are supposed to be breathable. If you do not plan on fishing constantly in winter temperatures, a breathable fabric is probably a better choice than neoprene. The used polyester makes this pair lightweight and when folded tightly, they need surprisingly little room. If you plan on hiking to fishing spots in them, this should be a plus for you. On top of the 3-layers of polyester is a DWR coating. This is a fluoropolymer based treatment and short for “Durable water repellent”. The same technique can also be found in Gore-Tex, used for example to make hiking boots or jackets waterproof.

The seams are stitched, taped and glued, this standard in the industry and nothing special, but nice to have when you only pay 100$. The combination of fabric and seams looks relatively durable especially if you consider the low price again. When you buy a pair of waders for 100$,  you can not expect world class quality but a product that withstands the challenges of ordinary fishing and I am confident that the Redington Crosswater will do that.


Although I said I won’t compare them with the Sonic Pros, I want to mention that the remarkable fitting of them was not used here. It is not horrible, but I was hoping to see similarities in terms “style”. Still, they are comfortable and do not limit your flexibility, they just don’t look as good as the the bigger brother.

Worth mentioning: There is not much space around the waist area and it could be  a little too tight for some people.

How The Redington Crosswater Waders Perform In the stream

Wearing them for four hours in the water was pleasant. I did not sweat excessively, it was not cold, although for colder days I would recommend wearing under wader pants. There should be enough room for a pair of thin sweatpants as well. Since they appear to be slightly “baggy” you might feel the current a little stronger. This should not be problem, just be aware of it. If you wade for the first time. You can find a lot of safety tips around the internet, to get more information, I recommend to check them out!

After a great evening of fishing, everything supposed to stay dry, was dry when I returned to the car. For waders in this price range, you really can not expect more, they do what they are intended for.

Redington Crosswater Waders2


What is not self-evident for entry level waders, is the included wading belt and what I appreciate even more, are the attached belt loops, holding it in place. I still do not understand why other companies refuse to use them. This is one of the reasons why I like Redington. They also come with attached gravel guards, so one item less you have to worry about. A hook to connect to your wading boots is provided and reliably holds the guards in place. The neoprene booties are slightly oversized, which is pretty common for stocking foot waders. Just fill that extra room with comfortable socks. Keep this in mind if you are going to buy new wading boots as well.

A small external front pocket with another flip-out pocket is provided, just don’t expect all of the features you find on the Sonic Pro one. What they left out are hand warming pockets. A matter of preference, I always acknowledge them, since I usually do not wear gloves while fishing during the winter months.


  • Great price/ value ratio
  • Handy flip-pocket-system
  • Wading belt included
  • Gravel guards included


  • Fitting not optimal- They might be a bit tight around the waist area


Final Review

As said earlier, if you do not expect too much and have realistic perceptions what to expect from 100$ waders, you will not be disappointed. They do their job, you will have fun fishing in them and they should last a few seasons. The set of features they come with, is comparable to waders that cost quite a bit more money. At that price point you will have a hard time finding anything better.

If you plan on fishing saltwater in them, you should definitely read the review written by Henry Gilbey, and make sure to check out his incredible photos as well.

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